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Dustin McNeer Wiki Biography

Dustin McNeer was born in Kernersville, North Carolina USA, on 28 May 1997, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini and holding American nationality – he is popular for his modelling career as well as for his Instagram account.

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Childhood and education

Dustin spent most of his childhood in Lewisville, and the rest in Florida as his parents moved there before his teenage years. He is not very interested in talking about his parents, but rather prefers to keep his personal matters to himself – he hasn’t talked about having any siblings either, which is why he is considered to be an only child.

Dustin’s high school years were both good and bad – he was a wrestler while he was studying at the Forsyth Country High School, and was somewhat popular thanks to his looks, until rumors of him being gay started circulating around the school. It made people be somewhat careful around him, while some of his peers even tried to bully him – unsuccessfully.

After he matriculated from high school, Dustin decided not to attend college, but to rather focus on his modelling career.

Dustin Mcneer

Career of a model

Straight from school, Dustin tried modelling – he was hired by the popular brand “Hollister”, popular for its jeans, and Dustin was shooting shirtless for many of their commercials, and after gaining recognition, started working for one of the most popular brands, “Calvin Klein”.

As he wanted to push his career one step forward, he joined the “American Next Top Model: Guys and Girls” TV competition during its 22nd season, competing against the likes of Ashley Molina, Justin Kim, Hadassah Richardson and Stefano Churchill. The show first aired on 4 August 2015, and helped Dustin gain even more recognition, however, Dustin wasn’t part of the show for too long, as he was the third person to be eliminated.

Although he was disappointed, Dustin went back to modelling and exercising –a day doesn’t pass without him going to the gym, as he wants to stay in shape and sculpt his figure even better. He is currently signed to one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in Miami, called Next Model Management Miami.

Besides modelling, Dustin is planning to become part of the movie industry, but he hasn’t had the luck to appear in any movies or TV series so far.

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Personal life and relationships. Is he gay?

Dustin is very secretive when it comes to his love life, as he hasn’t shared any details about it with the public – even though people on the internet ask him on a daily basis about his current relationship status, it seems that Dustin doesn’t want to bother with answering these questions.

However, there are still rumors circulating the internet regarding his love life – because of his muscular body and the fact that he is a model who doesn’t talk about girls, Dustin is rumored to be gay. His picture even appeared on the website which he shared on his Instagram account, after which even those who did not believe the rumors began to wonder.

On one occasion, Dustin uploaded a picture of a girl kissing him on the cheek, and many of his fans asked in the comments if the two were dating, but once again, Dustin didn’t respond, instead he keeps saying how his mother is the love of his life (…incest?).

Dustin hasn’t talked about his sexuality and it is therefore not known whether he is gay or not. Judging by his social media accounts, he currently appears to be single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.


There is a video uploaded on YouTube featuring Dustin and a girl who seems to be his girlfriend – in the video, the girl is crying and is very upset. Judging by the things she keeps saying to him, it seems that Dustin was cheating on her with another girl, and the girl featured in the video was already suspicious of it.

Hobbies and other interests

Dustin’s number one passion is exercising, and he spends a lot of time at the gym, working on his body. He is also into cycling, and can often be seen riding his black one-geared bicycle He loves exercising for multiple reasons – it makes him feel well, it helps him with his modelling career, and it attracts the attention of girls and women which seems to be the main reason. He appears to be an animal lover, and has a black and white cat whose name is unknown. He is a big fan of music, as he can often be seen wearing headphones while exercising, but it is not known what kind of music he prefers – it is said to be electronic music but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Appearance and net worth

Dustin is currently 22 years old. He has short brown hair which he often dyes blonde, he has blue eyes, is 6ft (1.83) tall, and weighs around 176lb (80kg). He is a big fan of tattoos, and has many of these inked onto his body.

According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000, and is steadily rising thanks to his Instagram account and his modelling career.

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